South Korea says NO.... Japan says YES... The Future of Bitcoin is being decided right now in Ottowa

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What a day ! In the short space of 24 little hours, South Korea began by turning the market on its head again... but not really... almost all crypto currencies were DOWN this morning, after South Korea followed China's lead and also banned ICO's... but did it ? Signals were confusing...

But there was little doubt with the signal given by Japan... a solid YES to Bitcoin, and crypto currencies in general...

And so the markets turned UP again, with a vengeance!

But neither China nor South Korea, and not even Japan... the future of crypto currencies will be decided on this side of the planet, not in Asia, but in the talks that are taking place in Ottowa, Canada right now... NAFTA... the North American Free Trade Agreement... THAT is where the future of Bitcoin and Ethereum and Steem and every other cryptocurrency will probably be decided.


Whatever the three countries (Mexico, Canada, U.S.A.) agree to put into the NAFTA treaty, will then probably be approved by the U.S. Congress... Which therefore becomes the Law for the United States. You know how it is: whatever the U.S. does is usually copied by many other countries. So... it is heads or tails... If they allow Bitcoin in NAFTA (and I don't know if they will, or not...) that will be a huge hurdle surpassed. If they make it illegal, that will cause a storm.

I think the sentiment is similar to Japan's: "let's regulate it, because we can't make it disappear."

I think crypto currencies will be accepted in the NAFTA talks. The Mexican Senate passed, by unanimous vote, to regulate electronic industry. The negotiator for Mexico in NAFTA talks has to know that this is the sentiment of the Senate, he will surely not try to forbid crypto currencies.

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