Ethereum and EOS, both have RISEN since January 4

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We have all seen the beating that the crypto currency market took on January 15 and 16. Skimming through all the coins on coin market cap .com was like murder. All were RED. Steep falls for everything. Bitcoin was down below $10,000.

Was the "bubble" that Jamie Dimon promised us, finally, really here?

Yesterday, almost all were GREEN again, rising from 24 hours before. And today, they are all still green again, rising from yesterday. Bitcoin is nearly $12,000 again.

But comparing the prices of 11 crypto from January 4 before the bloodbath, with today, January 18, 3:32 PM Central time...

ALL coins are still considerably DOWN BELOW their price on January 4, all EXCEPT TWO: Ethereum is UP... and EOS is UP... (What a coincidence !...)

Note: To me, this means something, but I don't want to interpret what it means. Study the figures, they speak for themselves:

Here are the figures, taken from my notes (Kraken) comparing rates on Jan 4 with Jan 18, 3:33 PM Central Time

          Jan 4       Jan 18

XBT Bitcoin 15,067 ----> 11,748
ZEC Zcash 536 ----> 521
XMR Monero 360 ----> 357
LTC Litecoin 241 ----> 201
ICN Iconomi 4.05 ---> 2.90
GNO Gnosis 306 ---> 252
ETH Ethereum 979 ---> 1070
EOS EOS 9.61 ----> 11.02
Dash Dash 1115 ----> 869
REP Augur 83 ----> 65
XLM Stellar (Lumen) .74 ---> .53



I didn't say which I prefer. I showed that both Ethereum AND EOS are both considerably HIGHER today (Jan 18) than they were on Jan 4...

and ALL the others shown on above list are DOWN...

I wish I had known this before... but I know it now...

By the way, How about the Ripple? It is not in you list.

That's because Kraken doesn't handle Ripple.

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