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Most people say: ooh why i was not this lucky person who bought bitcoin at 50 dollar or less:( now it is to late!.....
Hmm if you bought Bitcoin at 50Dollar or Ethereum an 0.20 Cent.. do you think you realy had hold this all this years??
All that crazy up and downs?!?! I am honest: I am 100% sure i had not! But now we have the knowledge from the past and we know now how Blockchain & Smart contracts will change the world for sure! And this is the reason why we HODL! We belive in the tech and we all know that patient pays out!
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Well, if I had it through a faucet or something, I think I would hold it.
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Cool Post. Since you got the bitcoin tag do you have a prediction for Bitcoin over the next few days? Also followed you for future posts :)

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