Is anyone selling their Bitcoin before August 1? - I am giving serious consideration to selling.steemCreated with Sketch.

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Everyone appears to be holding for their 13% Bitcoin Cash bonus, however I am giving serious consideration to selling before August 1 with the hope of getting back in later at a lower price. I have a feeling that the price of Bitcoin will be down towards $2,000 again in August.  

Is anyone else looking to sell before August 1?, 13% is not a bonus if Bitcoin falls 20% next week. The price has been surprisingly stable this weekend, we should see some volatility tomorrow I guess. I suspect the price will be higher on Monday as people buy in for their free Bitcoin Cash and I will make the decision tomorrow.

I recall the price of Ethereum fell after the fork, any reason for Bitcoin not to do the same?, already close to an all time high at $2,700. I do not see any reason for the price to spike on August 1, or am I missing something?


One way where BTC will see a spike is when all BCC holders start to dump their new coins and take their free coin value. This will see BCC price plummet.. Good luck though - it is a gamble, by selling BTC prior to the fork, you are playing it safe id say ..

A gamble either way I guess, will sleep on it. I expect Bitcoin Cash will sell off, just not sure where those funds will go with all these alt coins clouding the waters.

Probably not here - just 'cause1tbvi0.jpg

I may HODL!, big decision to make tomorrow, damn this fork. I just see the price going lower after August 1.

Yup - so hard to say. But think I will hodl nonetheless, and then if there is a huge dip, I'll buy some extra if I can muster a little $. All new ground so dunno :/

Interesting week ahead!

This is a good price point, fork or no fork. I'd agree on buying back later.

This is what I am thinking, just the fear of being shaken out!

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