This post just prove otherwise.
Ever heard of zcash and monero, zksnarks and ring signatures?

They tell you that now. But will it be like that in the future? They told you bitcoin was private many years ago, right. Ever heard of cashless society to track evey move you make? ;)

How old are you, sir ?
I have heard similar opinions many times. Which makes me smile at the best. You seem to be very far from things discused in the OP

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How old I am? What a stupid question. I said I don't BELIEVE crypto will be private in the future. You can always track where the money came from and who bought it from what salary or whatever. The tell idiots like you that its private and you use it for 10 years like bitcoin and then they change something so that its not private anymore. But 10 years from now you are not going to care about privacy and freedom because you lost that a long time ago when government (mindcontrol) took it from you. Cashless society is one step closer to globalism and 100% slavery. You know that the government was involved in the creation of crypto?
Btw I'm old enough to know that ptivacy is a false dream. We have heard it before with BTC in 2009

It all depends on the amount of specific measures one is using to build his privacy, on his knowledge and a will to spend a certain amount of his money for that.
Crypto by default is NOT private, only certain, very few coins posibly are. BTC is not private, i never believed it. I do not need to believe, because I know exactly how does BTC works, ho blockchain works, how hashing and asymethric encryption works. And I know it from the first days i heard about them. I like these things, i learn them everyday.
Use cash, certain private coins, special soft, mixers, decentralized exchanges, VPN, TOR, SIGNAL, WIRE, specialy designed computers and phones with proprietary operating systems, get rid of ALL credit-debit cards, all free stupid social networks like FB, Instagr, Twitter, pinterest , etc-etc-etc, do use cash whereever you go and whatever you do, keep attention to privacy requirements exclusively 24/7 - and you will have it. You get what you pay - old rule is still valid. Depends also where you live.
I live in a country where people still buy homes, yahts and luxury cars with cash. Where less than 30% of population use bank payment card at least once a week. In the country which at the same time has the fastest internet in the world. But yet is probably most far away from that stupid "cashless society".

The media said that

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