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Hey Everyone,

Been with USI-Tech for just over 3 months now and it actually decent for a passive investment. As usual i've not put all my eggs into one basket, but the 140% returns sure do sound appetising.

The system allows partners to buy BTC packages (50 Euro each). Each weekday you can expect a payout of around 1% per day - (If i am being honest payout percentages do vary between 0.69% and 0.94%, so almost 1% per day)

Packages are valid until they payout 140% of your investment.

Before the word scam is mentioned - USI - Tech have been round for years, they have a roadmap, and their own Tech coin which is about to ICO soon. The company hopes to release a debit card that allows cryptos and fiat to co-exist and be exchanged, card users would avoid the cost of transaction fees.

(I see this as a crypto building society, abit like Nationwide for those of you in the UK)

Don't get me wrong Usi-Tech have had their fair share of problems and have come good during trying times. Investors at time have been left uninformed and confused at times, but the help desk is fairly active and responded to issues i have personally raised within 12-24hour time period.

I understand some people will still feel its a Ponzi scheme and that investors are bound to lose money - but the fact is they are still around today and are constantly trying to improve the services offered to their customers.

Ultimately, when it comes to putting your own money up, assess the risk at hand and only invest what you can afford to lose.

Those of you willing to give USI-Tech a shot, please use my referral link below:

I would gladly assist anyone looking to start up, feel free to get in touch.

Below is proof that USI-Tech does currently have considerable mining power - check for yourself using the link provided below.


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