Bitcoin "bubble" - where we are?

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Not everyone accept fact, that for every "bubble" we should take percentage of price change for given assert, not nominal value itself.

It is because, we tend to ignore major price changes on cheap things - like "Meh, it is only $1 more" for something what cost $5, but we see changes on high priced stuff - "Bitcon gain another $100!", where it is over $3500.
This two price changes are respectively +20% and +2.8%

Which one is bigger? :)

When we look at long term price of Bitcoin in logarithmic scale, we can see same shape of rising angle:

For me, we are just starting off ;]


Nice, but I prefer this one: :)

The green ellipse ends at 500k - 750k in 2021 :)

I hope you are right ;D

Nice catch!

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