🔊 NEW Roger Ver interview! Bitcoin Unlimited - scaling Bitcoin on-chain & an end to the block size debate? Now on Neocash Radio!

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In this bonus episode of Neocash Radio, Bitcoin angel investor & Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver talks with JJ, Darren, and Randy about Bitcoin Unlimited, a new initiative that lets Bitcoin miners dictate the block size they want to use. Could this be an end to the BTC block size debate? Will this require a hard fork? Could that create two different Bitcoin chains like what happened with Ethereum? What does Roger plan to do if Bitcoin doesn't scale and loses its value? We also discuss censorship on Reddit's r/bitcoin channel, the Lightning Network, SegWit, and more!

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The European Central Bank wants more regulations on cryptocurrencies. The Deutsche Bank saga thickens. Wikileaks shows Hillary Clinton’s plans to “covertly” invade Syria. UK’s spy agency has been illegally operating for 17 years. Ethereum ain’t afraid of no fork. Bitcoin Unlimited gets some major support. Netflix releases documentary on mass incarceration and slave labor in the U.S. ... and more!

Listen in: Neocash Radio episode 178 - (October 19th, 2016)

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Thanks so much for the interview @rogerkver! I look forward to watching what happens with Bitcoin Unlimited! Cheers!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Roger!