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So there is that Faucet claiming that its the highest paying one. I decided to check this out! I expected some clean website, unfornatunely, website have pretty much ads and some pop-ups. I didn't like that. Here you can see their adveritising banner from Bitcoin Talk forum:

Read full article please!

Okay, so its all about planets. You can buy new planets and the better planet is the more satoshis per minute you have. This looks scammy, like, really scammy. The most expensive is Black hole. It offers 13 000 satoshi per minute and it cost TWO BITCOINS... I bet, if someone buys it the site is going to be "attacked by hackers" :)

But okay, lets say you are not going to invest. I really DON'T recommend investing in it. The stater planet for free that you get is Earth. Sound familiar? Yeah, you live on it right now! Ok, enough jokes. Earth is giving you 20 satoshis per minute.

These are rookie numbers!

Yeah, but let's do the math and compare it to - the best faucet over here.

You get 20sat/minute by default for free on ClaimWithMe.

On without bonuses you get 50sat/hour, however with free bonuses (reward points and all reward bonus) you can claim about 1450 satoshi per hour. To get that big profit you have to spend a lot of time on thi site, like, really a lot of time...

But okay, let's say you did it.

Let's see how much do you get on CWM: 20sats/minute * 60 = 1200 sats/hour

Wow that's awesome!

No it is not, because this site is a scam. It will not give you ANY money at all. Just do research, read BitcoinTalk forum. People complain about being unable to withdraw. It's over and they made profit because "not clever at all" people invested a lot of money in it.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. It's just an warning to everyone who wants to be rich easily doing nothing!

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They said on bitcoin talk that they have 2 black holes. But.

This site is a big scam.

you need to buy mars to withdraw!

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