Started Mining Monero (XMR) on Microsoft Azure

in #bitcoin4 years ago (edited)

Yesterday, I was thinking of doing something using Cryptocurrency. I decided to start mining. Not for a living because I know that it will be hard. My laptop is old so I cant mine on it otherwise it it will explode haha. I went to my github student pack and found Microsoft Azure Free trial with 200$ in credit for 1 month. I went in, signed up, and started to work.

It took me around 30 minutes to set up everything. It is easy but as I said, not profitable. You wont lose anything since it is a trial, but you wont get much. If you wanna subscribe and pay for it, I wont recommend it at all!

I have set up 3 Ubuntu Virtual Machines. Each one costs around 100 bucks. some less, some more. I used to see how much i will make money. FIrst I thought that I would make around 50$ a day. I was very wrong haha. Look at the estimated revenue:


Yup, 0.4$ a day. But its been 22 hours and it is still up. I will not leave it since im not losing anything haha.


if you want the tutorial, here it is:


sudo apt-get update
mv deb-cli minergate-cli-release.deb
sudo apt install gdebi

sudo gdebi minergate-cli-release.deb

minergate-cli -user [email protected] -xmr

nohup minergate-cli -user [email protected] -xmr