Vena: direct interaction is the way to decrease the cost of transaction

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Vena Protocol is an open convention for tokenized resource financing and trade, in which everybody can process P2P digital money insurance loaning and OTC exchanging whenever and anyplace, empowering free trade among cryptographic money and fiat cash. Presently we have officially broadcasted our MVP and have about 1000 individuals testing our MVP. We have a solid group of blockchain engineers and we are updating our item quick. Vena organize is an exceptionally viable venture, now the official hub has effectively finished guarantee loaning for mineworkers.

About Vena Network

Vena Network expects to make a decentralized advanced resource financing and trade arrange through Vena Protocol. The Vena Protocol is isolated into two layers: 1) Basic convention layer, which mostly incorporates enrollment, arrangement, directing, and administration of upper layer monetary organizations. 2) The benefit convention layer, in light of advantages, finishes client characterized money related organizations through the execution of the terms contract interfaces. For instance, terms of vow and reimbursement can be built into terms contract to make guarantee advance; acquiring of ERC721 standard acknowledges esteem included promise for resource portfolio; setting up individual credit contract display and infusing on-chain and off-bind information to accomplish open and straightforward credit. In Vena Ecosystem, a shut circle course from tokenized resource issuance to P2P loaning or exchanges is acknowledged through blockchain. That is, after the advanced resources issuance, specifically P2P exchanges through the Vena Protocol is accessible, or after computerized resources are swore, right of vow is transferable and course of guarantees (just supporting Stable Coins) is accessible. All activities are controlled by keen contract codes and are free from human intercession to make preparations for misrepresentation. Clients joining Vena Network can profit by the improvement of the digital currency advertise, acknowledge resource financing and trade in a savvy, protected and proficient way, while likewise can relieve the dangers related with variables, for example, cryptographic money value changes and unscrupulous monetary mediators.

Vena hubs are the key components of Vena Network. Vena Protocol pre-sets two jobs, appraiser and relayer. A Vena hub can comprise of either a solitary job or a mix of two jobs, or can contain a wide range of specialist organizations got from market rivalry. In the pre-set jobs, appraiser is a dependable request maker and appraiser of the default danger of the account holder in the business situation of obligation issuance, and relayer quickens the procedure of all obligation financing orders in Vena Network without need of reliable outsiders. They would all be able to be legitimately assessed dependent on authentic resource execution. Along these lines, the market has an unmistakable flag to assess credit pointers including a particular appraiser or relayer, and credit markers incorporate client's obligation default hazard record, exchange question rate and so forth. Vena Protocol utilizes a blended innovation that we call "off-chain hand-off, on-chain repayment" to accomplish a harmony among effectiveness and security under water issuance and resource trade. Along these lines, both the obligation financing requests and exchanging orders with the encoded mark are sent through the off-chain channel, and the potential counterparty can infuse at least one requests into the relating savvy contract, and after that the agreement is consequently finished after the set up rationale of the agreement. Vena Protocol fundamentally lessens the rubbing expenses of exchange merchants since exchange expectations can be sent off-chain, and the on-chain settlements just happen when the esteem is exchanged. We grow Vena Network by opening up applications for Vena hubs, giving layout contract exchanging market administrations, and structuring the Vena Protocol which is uncoupled from applications.

Vena Network gives huge points of interest to Vena hubs and clients. Vena Protocol uses monetary motivations, for example, cost remuneration for different jobs in various market rivalries in Vena nature to furnish clients with precise market information, genuine credit information, and advanced resources circulation, loaning, exchanging and administration benefits in a reasonable, straightforward, secure way with rich application situations. Every Vena Node speaks to a free business association which will pick up benefit from different monetary administrations it gives. Our central goal is to advance the solid improvement of cryptographic money networks.

Token Sele

PreICO Price1 ETH = 15,000 VENA
Price1 Vena = 0.0001 ETH
Minimum investment1 ETH
Hard cap9000 ETH
Restricted areasUSA, China


The advantages of this project:

  • The Vena Network group, completely the majority of its representatives work to assist the organization and are constantly prepared to help in any business. They are dependably in contact and not ignored. Without a doubt, exactly when we are discussing ICO ventures, this reality is imperative.

  • All models made by the Vena Network improvement group are freely accessible, now you can acquaint yourself with this framework and attempt it.

  • The pioneers of this task have a lot of business experience of this kind, and the Vena system will positively succeed. Here is a group of venture experts:

Ching - CEO
Jeremy - CTO
May - Operation Director
Yuanfei - CSO
Yuki - Product Director
Zed - Buissness Director
Amira - Overseas Market Manager
This is a scene for the Vena Network group. Here you can counsel and break down your experience.


Q2 2018

  1. Official launch of white paper & Vena Network website
  2. Proof of concept & launch development
  3. Community building in countries including the United States of America, China, Canada, Australia, Russia, etc.

Q3 2018

  1. Launch DAICO / IEO
  2. VENA Token is listed in exchange
  3. Open to application for dealers

Q4 2018

  1. Open source SDK of Vena Network is available in github
  2. Pilot run of official exchange and operation simulation
  3. Vena 1.0 release
  4. First dealer introduction

Q1 2019

  1. Vena 1.1 release
  2. Fully develop the ecosystem, start the city partner program, and introduce 20+ dealers

Q2 2019

  1. Vena 2.0 release
  2. Accelerate the expansion of global business, Introduce 50+ dealers

For More Informatio About VENA you can see below :

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