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Securypto ICO is a Zerocoin, Masternode b based square chain venture that centers around mysterious capacity and encryption. Market Incentives Increasing Income With Anonymity Distribution. Make developing markets. Exchange or spare encoded messages and documents that can not be found through the Internet. It is associated with an open security sheet for extra security layers. It is refined with the blend of uniquely structured equipment, programming and square systems.

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What is Securypto

Securypto is concentrating on unknown, scrambled information exchanging and capacity. It depends on the blockchain framework and will embed it in various periods of the item. Securypto can fill in as the additional layer on everybody's security and keep it shielded from any damage.

Securypto isn't about security and assurance. Alongside these, Securypto offers the ability to adapt substance. In the event that the sender chooses to pick the paid substance alternative, the collector as an afterthought needs to pay a particular sum for that content. Everything that is transferred is anchored and scrambled and has no touch with the outside world.

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Securypto essential objective is to give the security, the encryption, the protection to everybody in a more helpful, viable way subsequently anybody can save any sort of information from getting stolen. In our every day life, encoding messages or media isn't so natural undertaking and at times it gets costly and tedious. Securypto needs to take out this downside of utilizing the Internet and give the security and protection everybody merits.


To make the Securypto a reality, there will be a particular equipment with a great programming introduced. The equipment itself will be called DigiSafeGuard. This equipment will improve our security, make protection more grounded and help convey utilizing encoded records and messages. DigiSafeGuard will have a critical impact in the Securypto biological community.

Product Elements of Securypto

The result of Securypto is made with a mix of three components. Equipment, Software and the blockchain. Every one of these components is fundamental and essential.

Hardware and Software

The equipment name of Securypto is DigiSafeGuard. Much the same as some other equipment, DSG has an all around structured and balances programming. Each of these has their own motivations. The equipment and the product are made with amicability. Without the correct blend, they can't work legitimately.

The equipment is the start. The reasons for the equipment are

• DSG can work as the equipment wallet for putting away and spending advanced resource.

• DSG will enable anybody to message through unbound channels namelessly and safely

• 2-factor verification and secret phrase administration and numerous others.

These are only a small amount of the highlights of DGS. At the point when joined with the correct programming, the estimation of DGS increments by a few folds. The product that will be utilized in DGS is uncommonly made for DGS and DGS alone. Securypto programming is open source and can be found in a few gadgets, for example,

• Android
• iOS
• Windows
• Linux

This will enable any sort of gadget to be transformed into a protected place whether be for putting away resources or for encoded and anchored messages or media.


A standout amongst the most essential components of Securypto is the blockchain. Securypto accepts by executing new innovations with the old advancements can make an extraordinary outcome accordingly doing everything more viably than any other time in recent memory. The usage of blockchain into the arrangement of Securypto gives it an additional layer of security and helps working all the more viably. Blockchain here in Securypto gives.

• Anonymous messaging and file sharing
• Securer than ever
• Creates an extra layer of security over everything
• Make paid content management function possible and many others.

The blockchain of Securypto is based on on the PIVX using zPoS.

Token and ICO details

Total supply100.000.000
Accepted CurrenciesETH
Current Rate1ETH = 2500 SCU
Min Contribution0.1 ETH

Team behind the project

Securypto is gets her quality from an assorted group of expert people with various abilities regarding numerous matters comming together to turn an incredible idea to a world evolving venture. At Securypto we trust that the promoting group or the equipment engineers are as essential as our blockchain designers or security specialists and one can't prevail without another.


Securypto isn't only a blockchain venture. With regards to security it ought to never be messed with. Then again, encoding and scrambled informing and mysterious document transferring is no simple undertaking. Securypto is making it conceivable and certainly less demanding than how it is.

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