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The difficulty to the lead of industrialist philosophy is profoundly varying the worldwide monetary model, and this has prompted the production of many significant organizations and multinationals oversaw and drove through extensive fortune-hunter plot of put-on and it has surpassed this to decline taking place the conventional for all supplementary companies and medium happenings, even individual ones.

The compulsion of matter capital by add-on businesses and combinations made them depends specifically regarding all right financing: individual assets, banks, capital deals and heavenly attendant speculators. However, the insurgency of the Internet has empowered count companies to devise other approaches to lift stores for their task and other idea has been conceived: crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a procedure for the most portion sorted out through a site and activist through swap interpersonal organizations. IIt is a methods by which matter visionaries and appendage businesses can lift stores for ventures by accretion speculations specifically from people. Consequently, advantages, rebates or commitments to allocation capital are advertised.

The idea of crowdfunding has changed to the front the retrieve of digital forms of child support particularly Ethereum later than a blockchain that can be utilized to make tokenized resources; the ICO (Initial Coin Offering). An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the digital currency appearance's detestable comparable to an IPO in the satisfying venture world. ICOs go very more or less as pledge drives of sorts; an handing out hoping to make substitute coin, application, or administration dispatches an ICO. Next, intrigued financial specialists benefit in to the offering, either behind fiat money or following previous futuristic tokens in the tune of ether. In reward for their by now happening, financial specialists profit different cryptographic share token particular to the ICO. Putting resources into ICO is exceedingly dangerous in perky of the fact that the paperwork might be inept or invented sand the be responsive itself isn't spared from hasty almost shutdown or poor administration.

Loligo showing off to set things right in ICO crowdfunding by making a decentralized stage for ICOs that is reasonable, shared and blockchain-based which will have the attainment to safe the privilege of speculators and their venture from abused of raised supports by venture originators and colleagues. This will be conceivable subsequent to the utilization of backache contracts which will avow stage discharged of raised assets as per the course of activities of the influence abet on.

Loligo is a progressive stage that guarantees the smooth task of ICOs through creative stunned contracts and under the control of the members. Loligo permits both network and brought together methodologies while receiving the most rewards. Practically speaking, it's a digital money in view of an open and open-source blockchain, kept running by an organization that fills in as a legitimate agent.

Loligo token is minable and earth inviting devouring little vitality when contrast with others because of double mining. Diggers will have the capacity to offer the tokens on perceived crypto trades, and ICO speculators will have the capacity to utilize them to take an interest in gathering pledges, incorporating those associated with the ICOSafe program. Loligo stage is an open source with a scope of numerous administrations to encourage legislative selection of ICOs.



PreICO Price1 LLG = 0.002 ETH
Price1 LLG = 0.003 ETH
Soft cap950,000 USD
Hard cap12,000,000 USD
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areasUSA, China

Loligo Features

  • Mineable
  • Store of value
  • Limited supply
  • Deflationist
  • Self driven governance
  • Fair and decentralized
  • Loligo Services
  • ICO Launch- ICO dispatch is an entire bundle for ICO. It covers specialized mastery, the advancement of different expectations, and in addition planning and advancing the battle.

  • Safety Service- Loligo specialists will dependably do intensive historical verification of an ICO organizer and his experience. They will likewise set aside their opportunity to think about all sides of the undertaking which will incorporate the white paper, the handiness of the task, sources on account of free activities, the correspondence to the asked for sum and some more.

  • Govlink - Loligo benefit is enacted by locale. This is conceivable by offering every nation an assortment of instruments to screen the money related status of records and take vital measures if there should arise an occurrence of misrepresentation recognition.


October 2018
POC Net Up and accessible. ICO Crowdsale.

January 2019
Presale Listing.

February 2019
Test Net Up.

May 2019
Public Consortium Mainnet Launch.

June 2019
Fork & Token Distribution.

June 2019
First Fidelity Airdrop.

August 2019
Main Net Up.

September 2019
Second Fidelity Airdrop.

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