ECOVERSE [ECR] - The First Ever Designed Self-Sustainable Cryptocurrency Platform.

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EcoVerse is simply the principal ever economical stage utilizing AI-DPOC (Artificial Intelligence upheld Delegated Proof of Contribution). EcoVerse unravels day by day convenience and all inclusive reception by enhancing exchange times, security, and interconnectivity. The stage brags up to a million Transactions Per Second in a lab defining; the objective of several thousands in genuine utilize. TFT at 2 seconds. To make complex decentralized applications with a propelled cluster of layouts on EcoVerse; As usable as fiat and Mastercards, EcoVerse bolsters a two coin framework that answers both the requirement for security and KYC/AML direction and takes into consideration a steady money, ideal for the necessities of web based business, and an utility coin developing in esteem.


About EcoVerse

EcoVerse is simply the primary consistently continuing environment dependent on a blockchain arrange created for every day ease of use and all inclusive pertinence. It is fit for dealing with a huge number of exchanges every seconds (TPS) with an under two second exchange conclusion time (TFT).

Our goal is to make a digital money condition in which people are offered: Equitable chances; Contributions fairly esteemed; Rewards appropriately dispersed; All choices made justly; Accumulation of riches with honesty.

EcoVerse is self-maintainable on the grounds that it is impetus good. The EcoVerse group structured the environment to pull in dApps outfitted with an assortment of administrations. By adopting a sociopsychological strategy obliged to Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory, the EcoVerse enables people to seek after satisfaction and the wants of human instinct - for instance, selfesteem and self-completion. The EcoVerse group imagines a monetary biological system to such an extent that the person's interest in satisfying their wants will likewise incite "altruism". We characterize "generosity" as the limit with respect to human sympathy and empathy towards others. Altruism will likewise advance and multiply different types of "good" economies- - including a blessing economy and esteem sharing economy.

At last, the EcoVerse group tries to assemble another self-supportable monetary biological system that will add to the flourishing of human culture and successors of future environments.


There is just a single issue we at EcoVerse tries to address: selfsustainability. The issue, be that as it may, is very mind boggling. It requires a multifaceted multidisciplinary way to deal with explain.

We will clarify the self-maintainability issue in specialized, prudent, philosophical and socio-mental points of view.

  • Self-Sustainability Problem from a Technical Perspective:
    Actually, we trust a digital money must fulfill two necessities to act naturally practical: day by day ease of use and all inclusive pertinence. However, both of these hidden issues that should be tended to.

  • Daily Usability: It implies that a conventional individual ought to have the capacity to utilize the digital currency for his/her day by day exercises. It incorporates sub-issues, for example, adaptability, instability/value advancement, protection insurance/KYC-AML consistence, and security.

  • Universal Applicability: It implies that our digital currency must be broadly acknowledged and utilized. Which implies a digital currency must be anything but difficult to utilize similarly as a Visa seems to be, and should be broadly acknowledged and along these lines are usable in both on the web and disconnected.

  • Self-Sustainability Problem from an Economic Perspective:
    The monetary point of view concerns the riches circulation of digital forms of money. They are known to have the rich get more extravagant plan. Truth be told, every one of them are appallingly fizzling at equitably conveying the riches, a.k.a. the seigniorage. We trust this debilitates their maintainability truly. When customary individuals acknowledge they don't get anything from their own crypto speculation because of the plan, they will leave and never returned.

  • Self-Sustainability Problem from a Philosophical (and Socio-Psychological) Perspective:
    Logically, the issue is this absence of trust and secrecy. On the off chance that a blunder/bug shows up some place, an assault will take preferred standpoint of it. using it quite often happen. This is the reason hackings and assaults have turned out to be so basic in cryptographic money industry as of late. Indeed, from the year 2009 to 2015, 33% of digital currency trades were assaulted and half of them were shut. We trust it comes from the philosophical defect that individuals can exchange without knowing each other constantly. Hackings and assaults against cryptographic forms of money are being created as an industry itself.


The EcoVerse group will tackle oneself continuing issue delineated up until this point. The group's main goal is to assemble the principal ever self-manageable biological community dependent on a blockchain organize. We will now talk about our answers for these issues as introduced previously.

  1. Daily Usability: EcoVerse is planned with a digital money framework comprising of two essential coins, each with various qualities and capacities. EcoVerse-X (ECX), pegged to a fiat money (i.e. US dollars), is for day by day utilize. As per Thomas Euler's proposition of token grouping structure [7], ECX's traits include:
  • Technical Layer: Blockchain Native.
  • Purpose: Network Token.
  • Underlying Value: Asset-upheld.
  • Utility: Fiat-pegged Usage Token.
  • Legal Status - Utility.

Then again, EcoVerse-R (ECR) is a digital money for exchanging. As indicated by Thomas Euler's proposition of token order structure, ECR's characteristics include:

  • Technical Layer: Blockchain Native.
  • Purpose: Cryptocurrencies.
  • Underlying: Network Value Token.
  • Utility: Inter-chain Connectivity Token.
  • Legal: Cryptocurrency.

ECR is a regular digital money used to store esteem and is the medium of cryptographic money trades. ECR gives an expense charging capacity and different validation capacities for dApps that need to give administrations to clients through a blockchain, while when ECR and ECX are traded, the Foundation stores indistinguishable estimation of fiat money from the estimation of ECR in an assigned bank. This arrangement limits the value instability of ECX, ensuring ECX as a steady means for exchanges.

EcoVerse will issue ECX in return for ECR, which may then be utilized for products and enterprises inside the EcoVerse monetary biological system.

  1. Universal Applicability: The EcoVerse will build up a wallet that helpfully changes over ECR to ECX progressively. The ECX ought to be utilized as helpfully as Visas. Likewise EcoVerse stage will connect with the purpose of-offer terminal gadgets that can even be situated in little "mother and pop" shop. This is to guarantee that common individuals may connect with utilize our administration with no challenges.

  2. Economic Solutions:

  • Gini Coefficient and Consensus Algorithm: The Gini Coefficient of digital forms of money at close aggregate disparity will be the crypto's pulverization. Nonetheless, this one-sided dissemination blame is just a characteristic outcome of its agreement calculation. An agreement calculation has two capacities: the operational soundness of the system and its riches dispersion (or seigniorage). The operational soundness of the system is fundamentally critical. The square age and record administration must be finished by somebody trustable. This is the reason such a major monetary motivator is given to the square makers.

To deal with the issue, we utilize man-made brainpower handle the operational dependability. At that point, an agreement calculation is just expected to oversee riches dispersion.

4. Philosophical & Socio-Psychological Solutions: We expressed that hackings and assaults likely happen when individuals do their financial exercises without knowing one another. Be that as it may, if individuals fabricate their name and respect in the framework, the quantity of hackings and assaults will be decreased great.

To discover numerous levels of fulfillment as indicated by sorts of individuals, we picked Spiral Dynamics Value Meme with Integral Theory. The execution of numerous motivations dependent on the Spiral Dynamics Value Meme.


The EcoVerse Framework is intended to give the important specialized help and preparing to encourage simple advancement for all dApp engineers/improvement organizations who take an interest in dApp world by offering a plenty of devices. Specialists and teachers will be accessible to the individuals who need to take part in dApp world to plan their own plans of action, benefit instruments, and reward frameworks dependent on SDICMD (Spiral Dynamics Incentive Compatible Mechanism Design) improvement philosophy.

Different startup occasions will be given to find benefits that can bolster the development of the biological system. The Foundation will brood business people with new thoughts and items so they might be effectively settled in the biological community. The Foundation will work a brooding asset for colleagues and dApp engineers. It will likewise do different financing exercises to help dApps including air drops, which are important to build the clients of dApp administrations.

For instance, the Foundation could buy tokens produced by a chose dApp and airdrop them to the majority of the EcoVerse clients for nothing. This will significantly build the clients of the dApp. The expense of such airdrops will be recouped over some stretch of time with the dApp's activity charges.

The Ubuntu Economy:

Ubuntu originates from the Nguni axiom "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu," which in its strict interpretation signifies, "I am on the grounds that we are." Ubuntu stresses the significance of network, solidarity, mindful, and sharing. This perspective (Ubuntu) advocates a significant feeling of reliance and stresses that our actual human potential must be acknowledged in organization with others (Ngcoya 2009).

At the core of Ubuntu remains between happiness among individuals, and the possibility of network. EcoVerse establishes itself on the Ubuntu idea of humankind towards others and our neurobiological requirement for association. A Ubuntu economy is our vision of a network for members of all social and social directions where every individual can follow up on the feeling of being associated with others by our basic mankind, and where all connections and levels of conduct or activity are lifted to a higher plane. Essential to the EcoVerse logic are ideas of compassion and of building the network for more prominent's benefit of society past the monetary and money related opportunities or additions which our stage offers.



  • Token Symbol: ECR.
  • Token Type: ERC-20.
  • Token Price: 0.50 USD.
  • Payment Method: ETH.
  • Total token supply: 2,500,000,000 tokens.
  • Country: South Korea.









The proposed EcoVerse is the main ever selfsustainable stage utilizing AI-DPOC (man-made consciousness bolstered appointed confirmation of commitment). EcoVerse fathoms every day ease of use and all inclusive appropriation by enhancing exchange times, security, and interconnectivity. The stage means to accomplish the objective of several thousands TPS in true application with TFT at under 2 seconds, which we consider the most elevated point of confinement for digital money reception in day by day exercises.

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