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BIXTRIM is a blockchain-based multi-utilitarian budgetary stage that will intertwine all the vital cryptographic cash feature features, things and organizations. The BIXTRIM ICO is planning to sponsor the use of crypto-based records with various set up retail banks, and in this way wind up predictable with different cash related organizations necessities.

Their advanced overall stage will want to suit the coming crypto promote fans who are planning to use the headway additionally supporting their favorable luck. To engage this, BIXTRIM will use their nearby computerized cash to empower anyone to share by transforming into a BMX token holder.

About Bixtrim

Objective of this report is to portray the venture undertaking and present it to invested individuals.

This whitepaper portrays the Initial coin offering (a.k.a ICO) in which tokens of Bixtrim LLC (BXM) will be sold.

BXM is a crypto token that is intended to be utilized for all administrations given by Bixtrim stage.

The white paper is made with a specific end goal to show the task points of interest and help invested individuals settle on choice on potential token securing.

Why Should You Invest?

There are two primary reasons one ought to be occupied with joining the Bixtrim family.


Enhancing the crypto world by supporting a trade stage fathoming various issues and issues that are displayed today

Become a BXM Holder

Our tokens can give you select rebates on exchange charges and our budgetary administrations, that is the reason the need of our token will dependably be there and its cost isn't confined.

It also offers

  • Crypto to Fiat trade stage with improved access
  • Crypto second hand store for dispensing with potential loss of benefit for coin proprietors
  • Prospects contracts unraveling moderate money out of digital currency
  • New cryptographic money supporting escrow
  • Platinum cards with no tax collection and simple exchanges all over

Crypto currency and Global trend

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology has ended up being noteworthy example in wherever all through the world. Well ordered The determination rates of computerized types of cash increases. World is twisting up progressively understood towards cashless trades. Budgetary division in like manner searching for more creative aftereffects of square chain advancement.

Bixtrim's multifunctional stage and its diverse features and organizations can fill the gaps of the present elective models for portions, save reserves, trading, exchange and crediting.


Keeping in mind the end goal to actualize our main goal, we will make multifunctional stage with highlights, items and administrations, that will be progressed for cryptomarket.The stage will cover:Perfected renditions of capacities by and large found in return platformsUnique set of chances, for example,

  • Crypto second hand store
  • Fates contracts
  • New digital currency supporting escrow and multifaceted verification
  • Charge cards specifically connected to cryptographic money wallets

Token Specifications

Price1 BXM = 1 USD
AcceptingBTC, LTC, ETH, Fiat
Minimum investment30 BXM
Soft cap6,000,000 USD
Hard cap51,000,000 USD


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