Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Creator Craig Wright Declares War on Segwit

in #bitcoin5 years ago

 image source :  bitcoinist

Craig Wright, an Australian crypto enthusiast, programmer and businessman who claimed in 2016 that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, now declared war against SwgWit. He declared this announcement on 30th June at a conference "The Future of Bitcoin"  sponsored by Bitcoin Unlimited and Bitmain.  There he said that his company nChain, a non-SegWit Bitcoin Pool, is completely against SegWit. He also said nChain pool will  retain 20% of the Bitcoin network. And if SegWit activated then it'll be slower down because his pool would reject all segwit transactions.

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The crypto community certainly seems unhappy with Bitcoin as it pertains the adoption of Segwit. Segwit has a hard fork built into it that will potentially split Bitcoin into two different coins 90 days after it is activated. No wonder Bitcoin fans ,like Wright, are so upset!

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