Major Bitcoin Exchanges Crippled by DDOS Attacks Amid Record Price Rally

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This week all major Bitcoin exchanges are suffered from massive DDOS ( distributed denial-of-service) attacks from time to time. And hackers gained a lot of profits from the bearish market. Because of this type of massive DDOS attacks regular traders are unable to enter the exchange markets, but, hackers are able to access and gain profits. Poloneix, Kracken, BTCC, Bitfinex, BTC-e & big Coinbase all are now recovered this massive attack. Actually this week Bitcoin hits the all time high (ATH) at $3000. Then hackers conduct this massive DDOS attack and down the market as well.

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Well i upvoted you. We need some sources or links please.

Nvm... Just saw the link at the bottom... Thank you for the great post

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