India’s Gov’t Asks Public About Virtual Currencies

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India could legalize Bitcoin in the near future as feedback  from citizens and businesses appears to be in support of regulating  virtual currencies. 

from bitcoinist news section -

 The areas polled are: whether Virtual Currencies (VCs) should be banned,  regulated or observed? In case VCs are suggested to be regulated, then  what measures should be taken to ensure consumer protection, promote  development and also which institution should be monitoring and  regulating them? 

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It seems that every altcoin has its difficulties to scaling up, mostly the solution is POS.But it is hard to control the speed of the inflation in POS, so lastly a new altcoin will come to the market for alleviating the problem. It is just a vicious cycle....

Let's see if govt takes some quick steps and legalize the cryptocurrncies or at least Bitcoin! That would start a new revolution in terms of payment and investment in India :-)

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