Bitcoin Demand Increase in Asia Driven by Remittances

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Bitcoin demands are rapidly growing in Asia. Actually 3 major Chinese exchangers now resumes BTC withdrawals, so, it's a best reason behind this. More Bitcoin traders, investors & users in Asia show massive interest on Bitcoin now. Bitcoin is now traded at a premium rate in China compared to last year. Besides, mainstream Chinese media coverage shows Bitcoin as a digital gold in the country which is also a good reason to increases Bitcoin demands for local traders & investors. 

A few quotes from Cointelegraph's news desk -

 Several important factors caused Bitcoin price to continue surging this  year. Among these factors that drive the price increase are the legalization of cryptocurrency  approved by the Japanese government, adoption of new Bitcoin scaling as  supported by the primary parties involved in the Bitcoin community, and  the use of initial coin offering or ICO in raising funds. 

So, Main factors caused Bitcoins price to continue surging are --

Users positive

Korea premium

Remittances factor

Dollar and Bitcoin

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