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Who belongs to Bitcoin ..?

There are 3 types of groups or professions that fit more to Bitcoin. If you do not participate in one of these groups then you need more time and preparation.

  1. IT (Information Technology), this is the group that created and maintains Bitcoin. Bitcoin is Software (programming) and it works through Hardware (like Nodes, ASIC machines, and the Internet), this group is rewarded by the Bitcoin system for its input, so these are Bitcoin-generators.

  2. Investors, here include those who invest-pay and only track the statistics-prices. This group includes many businessmen, various investment agencies, banks and insurance companies, as well as governments. It is assumed that some Government-owned Bitcoin for example, one of Trump's US advisers in the US Peter Thiel comes from Bitcoin's business (BitPay), but two other advisers Elon Musk and Mick Mulvaney are officially on Bitcoin.

  3. Traders, here are a large number of financial advisers and experts. This group works with the second group money and sometimes affects the price of Bitcoin, so it affects but does not determine because the market demand determines the price.


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