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What do have in common BTC (Bitcoin) and FB (Facebook) ..?

Some of you may know that the creators of FCB are twins Winklevoss. Their idea was appropriated by a study fellow and the current owner of FCB Zukerberg. Twins Winklevoss had filed a lawsuit against Zukerberg and after a long court battle they managed to earn $ 65m compensation from the FCB. It is believed that a large part of this money they invested in BTC and today "Winklevoss twins" are considered the holders of a significant amount of BTCs, officially claiming to own 1% of all Bitcoins. Since they have many BTCs in the US in 2013 they have applied for licensing a bitcoin investment fund named ETF (exchange traded fund). Their request so far has not received an answer, but SEC authority (security exchange commission) on 11 March 2017 must make a decision. According to analysts, the likelihood of gaining the license in question is 35% to 65% against. This license is based on three points and is likely to pass in part as expected in the coming weeks are expected fluctuations, eventually rise in BTC's price. According to various analysts it is thought that if the ETF passes, since the first week after March 11 in BTC will be invested about $ 300m from various investors who are waiting for the license. If the ETF does not pass too, it can have a negative impact on the BTC's price.


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Ha. Interesting....


Yep pretty interesting..Thanks for comment.

I love Steemit! FB is old man :D old! ..

If FB was like Steemit right now, i would be reach man hehe

haha defo

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Isn't this old news and the ETF already got rejected? Though the story is quite interesting, I haven't heard it.

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