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Bitcoin is a digital currency created by the people, developed by the people and its value is based 100% of the offer and demand. These days it has become a lot of Mainstream for Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology behind this innovation. Therefore the demand for Bitcoin is growing above.

Although there is a great development in these years and especially in these last months, again we can say that Bitcoin is still at the beginning of the financial revolution.


In 2008, Bitcoin was discovered, briefly "BTC" as a result of the global financial crisis.
The purpose of this discovery was that no state would have the power to manipulate the monetary system, so no bank would be able to control every step of our finances, so that we do not have to trust our money to a bank .

This finding was necessary not only to save the control, influence and manipulation of states over the money-buying power but also to enable 4 Billion people in the world who had so far no access to banking systems to have A chance how to possess, earn, and send money.

An African can send it in front of a Canadian within seconds and at the same time save, as it does not pay currency exchange from its currency in the partner currency. Also, you do not pay extraordinary amounts for sending money from one country to another.


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