How i Make $851 just in 10 days. You can Also Make

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Here is My Story How i make $850 Just in 10 Days. Guys you can also make. 10 days ago someone told me about an app which is money making app. i just downloaded that app 10 days ago and just start reading posts and geting powers which converted to $.

also im inviting people to this app and making extra money. this app is 100% pure and high paying app.

befor reading download it from

  1. First of All Open Given Link in your Default Mobile Browser:

  2. It will redirect you to chrome browser and now just click on Download The Pivot App Button.

  3. Login with your Google Profile and Then Continue and it will redirect you to Play Store so Download App.

  4. Open Pivot App and Login with the Same Google Profile which you used in your default browser to download pivot app.

  5. Now Go to Dashboard of the Pivot App and Click on Pivot Icon from bottom and Open READ AND SHARE FOR POWER Option.

NOTE : The more power you have, the more bitcoin share your will earn after a day. so refer as much as friends and be rich.

  1. Now bonus (Four bitcoin) will be distributed at 4:00 (GMT+0) the next day. You will get assured Bitcoin Amount after every lucky draw at Given time.

How You Will Get Your Bonus Share From 4 BTC Daily? :
Four bitcoin will be distributed to users as bonus per day,POWER is the certificate of “Daily BTC Bonus”, which decides how much BTC Bonus you can get. For example, if 10000 POWER is distributed to all users in one day, and user A gets 100 POWER, then he/she will receive 1% of the BTC in the bonus pool of this day, which is 0.01BTC ≈ 63USD.

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