How Our Emotions Interfere with Our Trading Success

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

You here the saying if it smells, tastes, and looks like an apple its probably an apple. Well to most traders that saying goes out the window because they fail to see the bigger picture, being able to understand why dips happen, be it for legitimate reasons or whales trying to shake out the weak handed coin holders using pump and dump fear tactics creating a wall until they are satisfied with the amount of coins they hold. usually a sign that the coin is promising

If a coin shows itself to be catering to fixing a real problem and filling a niche in the market its most probably going to be a good coin for holding for the long run. Unless the team behind the coin are scam artist or the white paper doesn't sound promising then there is no need to fear these big dips, as long as its not dipping too far below the floor you can rest assured that its most likely a whale toying with peoples fear of going negative from their investment.

Trust facts and break free from predictable human cycles in this trade, its the only way that you'll be able to make any proper gains in this game. Remember that the even though bitcoin has been around for years that most of these new coins are only small specs compared to it, they have years worth of room to grow. A lot of them are scam pump and dump coins but so many of them hold the potential to rival and be worth more than bitcoin is today, June '17.



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