The Daily Convolution 008 - Topic: Satoshi Nakamoto Calls BCash "Centralized Sock-Puppetry" ..Comment & Upvote All Comments!

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Nick Szabo (aka Satoshi Nakamoto) .. yes, BTC's creator (most-likely) .. calls BCash "Centralized Sock-Puppetry" ..

What say you!?


Yep, Nick is the man! Vastly superior in every way to this goofball ..

For certain, BCH is all manipulation and mined mostly on AntPool .. they claim adoption, but it's just one guy with a thousand alts, spewing bs all day long.

Hate his poser - here's a better picture of him, with the # 1 Bcash pumper, Roger Ver .. and some guy who ran a gambling / porn site .. Boobdawg? IRippedYallOff Inc.? .. something like that ..

I agree... BCash is a problem for blockchain almost as big as bitconnect...

Such a wonderful and useful post with smart idea about btc by @proglobyte
I'm always trust btc and steem can change my future life....and I'm always try collect some sathosi day by day for my future...

At the moment every 2nd dude in the crypto wolrd tries to be the wise crypto god which always knows the best.
they should just work on their project and let people decide what is good and whats needs to be adjusted.

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