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Well folks, we have arrived ..

On Wall Street!?

Benefits ..

Potential Issues ..

- Volatility

- Increased Exposure to Regulation

- Transactions Outta Control B4 Scalability Issue Solve

Whatcha Think?


Let them bring alllll the doooomed fiat they can scam together - we'll happily benefit from their short-sighed profitseeking - they will be entirely oblivious to the fact that they will only be speeding their demise .. muahahaaa!

It appears that the entire crypto-universe is inflating .. with serious investment analysts entering the arena, we should see momentum gained by tokens/coins/projects that are worthy .. properly vetted and so on .. and the rest will shrink and go away. All-in-all .. this should raise all of the worthy.

Price HIGHer is always a good thing, however ..Bitcoin has made solid gains, driven by true believers and those developing the tech itself ..and by miners investing in the security of the network on and ao forth ..we were building a solid base, a strong heavy lift launching pad ...but now we will have a frenzied mob of profit seeking ghouls crawling all over it ..people who might be investing in futures, but who do not actually give a damn about anyone's or anything's actual future ..other than their own of course.

Interesting perspective! Perhaps the pressures and increased activity (energy) will force us to evolve more rapidly..

Going to be a bit of a rollercoaster, no doubt about it, but it will make the more traditional Forex crowd more confident about trading BTC/USD, which will help legitimize Bitcoin ..and will make govt reluctant to make any moves against it ..they would not want to mess with an investor-class profit generator.

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