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Fellow STEEMIANS, Good day to you all!

Let's talk .. let's talk about ..


Who went from being Bitcoin Jesus, to being, in some people's opinion, the ultimate Bitcoin Saboteur ..

He does have help however from some powerful players, and at least one charlatan poser .. or rather .. he may be helping those folks for fun and profit .. it's a chicken-n-egg kinda thing .. ;-)

So here's what to do ..

Upvote, drop a comment on the subject of Roger Ver and BCASH, then watch the thread and upvote all other 'top-level' comments, for or against. Feel free to carry on the convolution with replies to those comments.

Have a nice day.


If I ever see him on the streets I will bitch slap Roger Ver so hard BCH will fall right out of his inflated He would sue me, but I would be that dude that bitch slapped Roger for ever. And I bet I would get alot of donations wearing a BTC shirt with the wallet qr code printed on it while doing it. That man needs to get legit handled like dope dealers on the block do.

Love it, will follow and support the Daily Convolution!

As for Mr. Ver, well, funny you should mention.


My disgust is nekkid and frequently flailing!

Looking at some of kurt's other tweets, we like this:

LOL .. entirely agree. While Roger and company wage war on Bitcoin Core, the rest of the community will see them all for what they are - power-trippin hasbeens, who because of their market-cap are like ignorant giants bashing each other in the midst of a very fragile new eco-system. If they will not stop, they will have to be stopped - by superior technology!

Yes .. as Brock Pierce (one of the coolest dudes in crypto) said about EOS' launch, mid-year 2018 .. shit's goin get real ! If Mr. Lee gets privacy into LTC, the whole superior means of exchange debate would end toute-sutie .. that is until EOS starts sprinting. ;-)

It would be nice to think that he is doing what he is doing out of puritanical adherence to Nakamoto's original vision - but the more one observes the more it appears that he simply loves the sound of his own voice too much. Identify the players, and follow the money y'all.

It is a shame, he really did a hell of a lot to promote Bitcoin, world-wide, for many years.

Bitcoin must upgrade, this is not in doubt, the question is when next this is attempted will get another Abomination Coin forking off, doing even further damage to the "Bitcoin" brand? Bitcoin as a brand is so hugely important to the success of blockchain tech, as it is the means by which to onboard newcomers - any confusion around Bitcoin will cause great hesitation.

Let's hope that when Bitcoin finally does increase block size, it will put an end to Bitcoin Cash.

@ProgloByte... Totally AGREE... This "GuY" borders on being criminal while posing to be a "Good Guy" for the People...

He is a fraudster and is in collusion with some powerful people and The Dark Side aka The Central Bankers !!

Now the Good NEWS... the recent incident from Roger's most insensitive, condescending Twitter comments towards a genuine Good Guy, Andreas Antonopoulos, resulted in AA receiving donations that currently total over $2 Million Dollars !!

UpVoted AND ReSTEEMed !!

Cheers !!

Bwahahaha, I had forgot about that scene from that amazing film.

The sad thing about people with some folks who have a lot of money .. the wake up one day and say, hey .. I can do whatever I want .. awesome .. what do I want? I want CONTROL! .. well .. we have something to say to folks like that ...

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