ECB Awards Video 1st Prize for Saying "Euro Is More Stable Than Bitcoin"

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Euro first.png
From July to September 2017 the European Central bank asked participants of the “Euro Video Challenge” to submit a video

“on an economics topic related to the ECB’s work [...]. The challenge was to create a short film that is engaging and easy to understand, suitable for a young audience with perhaps no previous knowledge of the subject.” (see on ECB website)

The winners were officially announced on 9 November 2017 in Lyon, France.

The video awarded with the first price (€4,000) is of 2:32 minutes length and basically just says the following:

  • There are many cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin is without the control of central banks
  • Bitcoin’s value is heavily fluctuating
  • Bitcoin does not fulfill the functions of money
  • The value of the Euro doesn’t fluctuate that much (and it’s in control of the ECB)
  • Therefore → THE EURO IS BETTER

Congratz to the winners ... and thanks for sharing the deep knowledge.


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