[90 Billions Market Cap reached- BTC, Steem & other Altcoins to the Moon!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

Can we expect new Highs Cryptos in the next Days?

In my opinion the new signal in the last 12 hours shows us the trend before the segwit activation which bitcoin has in the next days!


The market decide to give a new hope to bitcoin now as we see it on the chart that it has broken the two points where bitcoin crashed in the last 14 days as we see the market gives us a green light to buy in now before all problems will be solved and the segwit activation occurs, the market did not decide to wait it decide to buy now before btc break new highs about 3000$ in the next months as many of us expected already after the transactions are cheaper again and the network works fine again!

Disclaimer: It is not an investment or buy advise or finanical advise, its only my opinion about bitcoin & other blockchain projects in my blog based on my own knowledge and experience with the risks and chances in the crypto world! Dont buy crypto currency if you havent money to loose and dont invest all your money to try to make fast cash!

In the next Blogpost I will write about 10x-100x profit chances with crypto currency! Stay tuned, upvote, resteem and follow my posts to get the best information from a guy who knows how to make profits with low money but 10x - 100x profits in the crypto world!

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