DAY 119 - Virtual Coin Portfolio - Start Amount 10.000 USD, +133,7 % ; 23.371 USD " New Record high, Bitcoin Wars starting?"

in bitcoin •  last year

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Market Update:

Bitcoin with very strong momentum reaching new record high at 7800 USD after segwit2x cancelation.
Our virtual coin Portfolio is leading in terms of total retun on all coin classes on streemit since four weeks. We rated Bitcoins and Bitcoin near blockchains with strong buy. We are very happy with the overall returns.
But now we fundamentally change our view on the upcoming weeks.

We put a sell rating on Bitcoin with potential pull backs to 4500 USD. We buy Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold as we expect a fight between the Major Bitcoin blockchains due to mining and fee reasons.

Read our our outlook and rating updates!!


CCC Portfolio Top Movers are:

Bitcoin +65%
TenX +99%
ETH +43%
LTH +20%
NEO +12%
Dash +40%
Monero +27%
Ripple -15%

Transactions and rating adujstments:

Bitcoin with new Sell Rating

Bitcoin Cash into the Portfolio
Bitcoin Gold on the Portfolio

Bitcoin 0,25 sold at 6610 USD


Segwit2x activation was canceled on 16.11.17.
Since that time heavy Price reaction on all Bitcoin blockchains started with no immediate resolution. Thats why we rate now Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin Gold with buy Ratings as we expect an ongoing shift from Bitcoin to other Bitcoin blockchains. Dash and LTH are currently a big winner as well.

We keep our strategy on all leading Bitcoin blockchains for the next weeks. On new pull ups to 6800 we will sell 0,5 btc for a further switch to other high momentum Bitcoin blockchains.

Haftungsausschluss: Dieser Post ist keine Anlageberatung, sondern spiegelt die persönliche Einschätzung des Autors wider. Genannte Kursmarken ergeben sich aus der markttechnischen Analyse. Bitte führe selbstverantwortlich eine eigene Einschätzung durch. Kryptowährungen sind sehr volatil. Daher solltest du mit jeder Position nur soviel riskieren, wie es deine finanziellen Verhältnisse zulassen.

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an interesting article, we put a lot into ripple and the profit is stretched out in time, but from a long flute we are waiting for a good bull trend, what opinion do you have on the ripple, I'm interested in your opinion if it does not make it difficult for you?


ripple can be a winner, but I would spread into more Bitcoin blockchains. We see Bitcoin blockchains leading . We ignore all Major ETH blockchains. Only TENX can be a winner

How does the consultation helps people who deal with this creep crypto-currency? What can be the biggest factor? It seem to me its up to the programmer itself..exploited by those who have knowledge in IT to take control over it... keep on buying and investing in the crypto currencies make the wealthy become more richer...


I think the open and forward looking people who are able to ready and think in new perspectives will Profit big time of new blockchain Technologie.. a friend had nothing and is now a millionäre


Glad that you have a proof right in front of you.. but its not going to pop up right away..need to inject the real cash before he gets it ...

Bitcoin with very strong momentum reaching new record high at 7800 USD after segwit2x cancelation.
BITCOIN at 500 000 $$ why it's possible

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very good job...

Nice Post!! I like your Post!! Keep Sharing :)

Will check it out, Nice job getting information out there!