Banks are scared of Crypto

in #bitcoin6 years ago

I am sure everyone in the USA got an email from Coinbase. I also linked an article from new.bitcoin about how Bank of America is issuing a ban.

These articles love to use the word BAN to make a BANG in their article. But look Closely they are just changing rules. I guess banks are afraid that people and using CREDIT to borrow money to get into bitcoin and loose the money in bad buy and sell and not being able to pay the bank.

I think the WAR vs US and them has started. Now that we are in the main stream media, 2018 is going to be a battle between the banks and the exchanges. Who is going to win or are we going to get a New players in the market?

ETHOS? Something else? Who know. But one thing you can take out of this is,

NEVER put more money than you can loose in Crypto.

Thats it folks. Until next time.
Let the revolution begin.

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