Where to invest in crypto currency ?

in bitcoin •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hello world,

After statement from ripple ceo that value of any crypto currency would be NIL after some years.

After the statement I am not able to understand where should we invest for future?

Is there any area in this crypto world where we can invest for long term?

Can anyone suggest where should we go for invest with good and safe returns in crypto world?

BITCOIN itself at very high price right now and if I go for $60,000 to invest, I hardly get 5 BTC now.

Is that other way to get good returns like BTC ?
If I buy BTC right now it may be go up to $25,000 till 2018. It’s make my money only double till end of 2018.

Can anyone suggest other crypto currency to be best in 2018.

Some of my friends suggest me ADA, TRON, STELLER, NEO, LTC, XMR any many alts.

Please give your suggestions for better way to earn more returns than BTC this year.

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