In the Czech Republic, tomatoes were grown on heating from mining

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More recently, the world has learned that, co-founder of the Czech currency exchange NakamotoX, Kamil Breiha, has launched a project that cultivates crops with the help of heat generated in the production of crypto currency.
I'll say that it's pretty well thought out, and it was quite difficult to come up with.
The company started production of tomatoes using the heat of the crypto currency released from mining.
Here is what the creator of such a farm writes to us:

"We use excess heat for greenhouses with tomatoes, and it works! And energy for mining is extracted from biological waste, "says Breich. "Soon, such cryptotomata can be bought at grocery stores, but I can not tell you any more."

At first they wanted to grow marijuana for medical purposes, but to the same extent the Czech laws prohibit the cultivation of this kind of industry, which forced them to engage in more traditional cultures.


That's a really good idea to use the heat from the mining to help plants grow!

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