How I got some FREE BITCOIN yesterday =]

in bitcoin •  last year

So yesterday I acquired my very first little piece of an actual Bitcoin! =]

I was on Instagram & I saw a post by Trevon James @trevonjb that said "Free Bitcoin" & "I'm giving away free bitcoin". My first thought was "yeah right" followed by "nobody is gonna give away free bitcoin right now" but it definitely caught my attention so I watched the short video, read & followed the instructions below, & commented on the post saying that if I win I will make a Steemit post about it with proof.

Well I won! Shortly after I commented on his post I got a notification saying that "@bitcointre" tagged me in a comment on his post saying "sent". I thought "no way", immediately checked my Bitcoin wallet, & I saw this:

I was very happy but still a little unsure because it said "pending" still. So I decided to just put it in the back of my mind & go about my day. A couple hours later I found myself unable to keep that little piece of bitcoin that was pending in the back of my mind so I logged back into my coinbase account and I saw this:

When I saw that the "pending" was gone & the transaction had gone through I got so happy & excited! My very first piece of an actual Bitcoin. =]

Here is a link to set up a Coinbase account if you would like to. It was very easy to set up & use & I have been told by almost everyone I have asked that it is the safest digital wallet & exchange for me to use for Bitcoin. If you sign up using this link & invest $100usd or more you will receive $10usd worth of Bitcoin free:
Click Here to Sign Up for a Coinbase Account

Thank you for the Bitcoin Trevon James!
@trevonjb on Steemit
@bitcointre on Instagram

And thank you for your time Steemians! =]

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Nice post.


Thank you!


You are welcome.

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That's awesome congratulations on your first piece of Bitcoin! Here's to many more in the future! :)


Thanks! It has already increased in value from $0.43 to $0.44 lol =]


That's what's up! :) Going in the right direction!

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