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#Electroneum a new cryptocurrency launched for Mobile Miners & To use as Instant Payment. Lot of People Invested in #ETN ICO, but some are still waiting for #Electroneum to go up. It was looking very promising Project but now trading at very low price of #0.008970 USD around #0.00000153 BTC.

etn supply.PNG

You can see their Market cap and Maximum Supply in above Image. But the question is do they really working, their team and developers doing something on project or not. Let see later.

etn high.PNG

You can see in above image #Electroneum reached at highest price of #0.177 USD around #1200+ Satoshi, but after that just going down due o market correction as well. We can see in below image that lot #Exchanges already Listed #Electroneum.
etn markets.PNG

Main thing is that if you look in below GIthub Image of #Electroneum Repository they not updated yet from Past #21Days. Also if you go in deep their developers also not updating anything.

etn work.PNG

Let see their future Commitments and Roadmap below image:
etn q3 map.PNG

According to me #Electroneum is good project but they need more #partnerships and Their team has to work hard to get listed on good #Exchanges to make it Successful.

My Video on #Electroneum:

Please Leave your #comments about your Review on #Electroneum Future and Price In future.


Wish You Success!


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do you really think that
price of ETN GOES high in next 5-6 months
or goes down below the opening price,..

I UPVOTED and reply
hope u do the same

if they will get some good partnership and also get listed on some good exchanges then again it can reach its ATH

@piyush2516 Electroneum is a promising project. All market is red hence etn. But team need more marketing strategies and customer satisfaction to create hype like before.

@lets-steemit right said they need more partnership and some good big exchanges to list

Totally agree

what prediction about etn in end of 2018

atleast 0.10 USD

welcome brother

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