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It looks like the Bulls Entered in to the Market again On June 30. #Bitcoin pullback from $5800 trying to Break the Downtrend. If #Bitcoin Failed to #Break the #Downtrend Line it can again go to $6000 Level.


If #Bitcoin sustains above $6700, & sustains above $6500 for few Days then we can say that #Bitcoin Might go Up. If #Bitcoin Cross $7000, then might go to $7700 as well. People who are trading can use Stop loss at $5900.

If the bears break below $5900, then #Bitcoin First Support at $5500 and Below that Next Support Level is at $4900. However, according to Candles its looks #Bullish #Engulfing.


#RSI also looking good now above 40.00, you can see the #RSI Support Line I have drawn.


All Indicators now looking good and showing Positive Signals but still we have to wait for this #Week Close or $7000 to cross for Final Confirmation.

Please Leave #Comments about your Review on #BITCOIN Price In future and Bull Run.


Wish You Success!

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Thanks please Resteem to help Cryptocommunity

Glad to see someone doing an in depth analysis. I know some indicators but don't trust my trading instincts yet. Keep up the good work!

Thanks please share as well to help crypto community

thanx for bitcoin analysis update

thanks for motivation

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