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We serve small groups – globally
Bitbond is the first international marketplace lending platform for small commercial enterprise loans. We leverage blockchain generation to attach creditworthy borrowers with individual and institutional buyers.

By innovating within the fields of bills and credit scoring, bitbond makes monetary inclusion a reality round the arena. All fee transactions on bitbond are performed thru the bitcoin blockchain. Consequently our provider is to be had worldwide through the internet and is unbiased of banks.

To be able to rating borrowers who aren't protected by traditional credit bureaus, we use alternative facts for credit score scoring. This consists of transactions of small business proprietors from accounts like ebay, amazon, etsy, mercadolibre, shopify, paypal, financial institution debts and many others. The information receives evaluated with our proprietary machine learning set of rules.

As an investor on bitbond you could both pick the loans you want to fund manually or you operate our convenient autoinvest tool. Autoinvest lets you create a different portfolio of loans consistent with your options in an automated way. The exceptional benefit for traders who use bitbond is that you may create a portfolio of loans that is various throughout many extraordinary nations.

Bitbond is integrated in berlin, germany and is a completely regulated financial organization with its own licence.

Bitbond's venture is to make making an investment and financing globally handy.


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