What is your Bitcoin Prediction for 2020?

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

Many futurologists including the well known Cliff High predicted bitcoin to have a price of 4000usd at the year 2020.

Year 2010 nobody expects bitcoin will rise just like its price today.

Now every body wants to have a bitcoin. Every keeps it which makes it higher and higher
I strongly believe that Bitcoin will continue to surge its price due to its demand and its tight supply.

What is your bitcoin prediction for 2020? Should we keep bitcoins? Post your comments.

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Buy and hold. My forecast: At the end of 2020 1BTC=10,000 US-$.
But I don't know how much things we can buy still for 1 $.
1 $ (2017) is not 1 $ (2020).


I agree with this, but I think you are wrong on the price of BTC, it will be more than that.


Do you think its advisable to buy bitcoins now?


Yes, absolutely, I do not think they will drop again in the near future, and if they did. I would not be saving/buying them right now other than for long term investments.

Personally, I would think that the use of Virtual Currency would of been a lot bigger by now. We have the technology, but the central banks are making to much to let something like Cryptocurrencies ruin their profit margin.

Personally, and again this is just my thinking on the matter, nothing I have proof of would back this. I would think though, that in the tech world we live in today, we will see a spike in the use of crypto currencies over the next several years.