Gosh I hope so!!! People kept buying more on the dip, only for it to dip lower than the all time low! Vicious manipulation of a coin with such great potential as this one! Did you take a lesson with Haejin? your chart looks really good:)

I watched all his videos and bought the book that he advised .I am studying it now slowly and at the same time I am practicing. When I am done with the first book I will buy the second one. Thanks for your kind words :)

hey Olivers thanks for the graph. I'm wondering if you can explain what the relevance of the USD price is on Haejin's charts?
There is no USD market for most of these coins so why does he do a USD vs coin price and then a BTC vs coin price?
In other words, what's the point of having the USD price when you can't sell the actual coin for USD anyway?
Thank you :)

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