How to extract multiple bitcoin forks -EASIEST and FASTEST way.

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As you probably know bicoin is forking day by day. Here is instruction how to extract some of most valuable bitcoin forks:


Bitcoin Cash BCH (1 August 2017 block 478588) 1 BTC : 1 BCH

BitcoinGold BTG (24 October 2017 block 491407) 1 BTC : 1 BTG

Bitcoin Diamond BCD (24 November block 495866) 1 BTC : 10 BCD

Super Bitcoin SBTC (12 December block 498888) 1 BTC : 1 SBTC

Bitcoin World BTW (19 December block 499777) 1 BTC : 10000 BTW

Noone knows WTF is BTW and i cant find market to sell it but it is 1 click to get them extracting other forks with this guide.

1. Backup your bitcoins

Create new wallet and send your bitcoins from old to the new one. For fast and easy use i recommend

2. Export your private keys

You can find multiple ways to do this e.g.

To export a private key from your Bitcoin-Qt / Bitcoin Core client:
Launch your Bitcoin client
Click on 'help' in the menu bar (top right)
Click on 'debug window'
Select the 'console' tab
If your wallet is protected by a passphrase (i.e. you have to enter a passphrase before you can send) unlock it by typing
walletpassphrase "your walletpassphrase here" 600
dumpprivkey [your Bitcoin address here]
This will return the private key which will start with the number 5

3. Install Android Emulator

If you have not-everyday-use Android phone or tablet skip this point.

This one is simple and very easy to use:

4. Install Bitpie Wallet

5. Install Bither Wallet

6. Extracting Forks with Bither Wallet

Got to: Setting --> Advanced options --> Import private keys
Next go to Setting --> Advanced options --> Get BCH / Get BTG / Get SBTC / Get BTW / Get BCD
You have to paste Bitpie Wallet Adress in each currency (other wallets are not accepted in Bither app)

7. Selling this sh**

There are multiple exchanges accepting BCH and BTG but is best because:

  • accept deposits of BCH, BTG, BCD, and SBTC
  • you can sell for USDT or BTC
  • dont require verification

8. Withdraw minimum amounts for BTC and USDT are high so if u have problem with withdrawing just buy any other cryptocurrency and transfer to your exchange.

In the future i will add more instructions.


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Coins mentioned in post:

CoinPrice (USD)📉 24h📉 7d
BCHBitcoin Cash2489.680$-4.34%-0.17%
BTGBitcoin Gold265.554$-20.95%9.4%

Ceny, ceny. Ile na tym można zarobić.

Np. jeżeli mam 1BTC to ile da mi dumpowanie poszczególnych coinów?

bch 2500$, btg 265$, sbtc 85$, 10 bcd 170$ for now

I will help if u have any questions