$278 in 12 minutes. Quick Live Trade. This is example 15 from Lesson 17 of My New Training Package

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General Tone:
We must take chances when 0.618 fib extension is hit, confluently combined with bullishly diverging RSI and stairstepping histogram.

BTC hits 0.618 fib extension, so I took the risk and entered a trade:


Hi Phil! Why are your lessons on youtube suddenly private? :(

Due to the lack of respect @philakonesteemit gets, where people expect free hand-outs and financial advice... etc, he's decided to make them private. However he'll be releasing a MAJOR upgrade to his lessons and making them available on Udemy in a couple of days. It's a win-win I'd say, for those serious in learning, and for the amount of time @philakonesteemit puts in.

So sad.. he always gives good infos.