Quick Live Trades. Example of What You'll get In My Lesson Package. $200 Profit in 4 minutes.

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General Tone:
This is an example of the 20 live trade videos you'll receive in Lesson 17 of my tutorial package, where I show MY STRATEGY and how it's been invaluable to me in terms of helping me generate immense profit over the years.


having been through all the previous tutorial, do you think that in the new package I should see all of the lessons from the beginning?

Nice to see someone that does TA is also a trader. Amazes me that many analyst say you can't trade short term charts but somehow these same analysts think they can predict a price out on a much longer time frame.

Are you going to upload all tutorials at once or step by step? Can't wait to see them

Im literally watching netflix all day. hahah when you releasing the the udemy course? Im hungry.

You are the best MAN !!! I upvote every post of yours because i have learned a lot from your tutorials when there were free here on steemit.But i will gladly pay 10 $ (if i well remember) for 2 hours lessons.
I strongly reccomend to everybody your VERY CHEAP LESSONS.
And i say again...VERY VERY CHEAP.
In just one trade for about 40 minutes...the shortest 40 minutes of my life...:))...i had a 700 $ gain ....after watching Philakone tutorials many many times.
Thanks again Maestro Fibbonucci

the wozzaman is in

Hi, exactly what i do :)
Where can i buy your Lesson Package?