BTC Bitcoin May 19 Morning Update - Critical Points Are Reached Soon. Specific Plays, Setups, Strategy.

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General Tone:
On the Bullish side, a break above $8,500 will validate my count to a $8,900. A Break above $8,900 will confirm my possible $13,500+ target.
On the bearish side, we can see it dropping to the 0.618 fib level at $7800 range first. If that doesn't hold, confluence 1:1 ABC and 0.786 fib extensions are found at $7,300 range.
Long Term Bias (6+ months) - Bullish
Medium Term Bias (Next Week) - Neutral
Short Term Bias (Today) - Neutral
Long Term Target Prediction by 2019 - $35,000(ATH)


Some great analysis in here. Thanks very much

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Im so hyped for your beginner videos in a few days....
Today i made my first profit of about 30 Dollar ;) feels so good...

YEAH BABY. Get that taste. Please remember we play for good trades and never for the profit. The profits are just a bonus. Always invest in YOURSELF. These new tutorials, yes will cost, but I have no doubt in my mind after completing the course that you'll have have gained new skills that can stay for life. Happy to hear about your success so far.

Lucky you.. congrats my friend. I am still paper trading. Decided there is that 'fear' factor. Next week- real dough.Hope my first trade goes as well as yours :D !!!!

Upvoting suck... it's like one cent per vote... Damn steem reward the content better...

Better use

Interesting. I'm checking it out.

When I watch your feeds I lose less money !! Still in losing mode but hope to turn it around watching your info! Can’t wait for your tutorials. Thx


Great watching your analysis!

I think I'm leaning towards bearish. We'll get to ATH eventually, but we were just there. Market still needs to cool off.

I really respect how you train yourself on trading. it's inspiring for those who want to learn anything about the business. Thank you for the education. Ma man! :)

Pleasure is mine. Our skills are on par with how much work we put in. Keep it up :)

Thanks Phil. Upvote to support

Great TA, I'm hoping for the bearish count . I play GBTC so hope to get in early next week. Our friend Sam has some even more bearish scenarios. Maybe a BTC sale @ 5k!!

Thank you as always. Your TA is the cleanest and easiest to follow online. Keep up the good work. upvoted as always.

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Thanks much! up-voted!

Philakone decided to put their excellent videos private, I found a payhip page that is offering the tutorials at 0.99 USD.

He told that all the money that he gets will go to the crypto adress of Philakone, I have contacted him by mail and he sent me the evidence.

I think that is a win-win, here´s the link.

Great! Thank you.