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The orderbooks are not reflecting the price properly. This is the first time I've ever seen this. I refreshed my Bitfinex three times and it finally corrected itself after 5+ minutes. Not a happy camper to catch bugs like this which can imply many other things going on behind the scenes.


Hi, if you want to have the old video lessons from Philakone that he decided to erase from youtube, I downloaded them from this link

( Disclaimer, I don´t have anything to do with this link, I´m just an user that download the videos and it worked)

+vouch i bought it for 3 bucks

Well done excellent work!

wow that is really fucking weird and scary indeed....

We all have some weird experiences in Finex. However, when they have to proceed to a liquidation, they place a limit order, not a market one, Aren't they some unfilled, orphans in the midst of this?

Simple answer is no! when the price moves buy's and sell's move to that level so lower prices should drop out of the book. unfilled trades don't show.

Depends, sometime the price moves fast enough &some transactions are stuck. but you're probably right

I wouldn't say stuck, just not filled or taken. Either way, these orders disappear as the price moves, and can re-appear when the price gets close to that level again.

what are some of your ideas as to what is going on behind the scenes at bitfinex?