Bitcoin BTC May 3rd Technical Analysis - Woohoo! Double Top or Ascending Triangle?

in bitcoin •  6 months ago

General Tone:
Is this a double top or ascending triangle? I present both views with precise possible plays with supports and resistances to identify.
Long Term Bias (6+ months) - Bullish
Medium Term Bias (Next Week) - Neutral
Short Term Bias (Today) - Neutral
Long Term Target Prediction by 2019 - $35K+ (ATH)

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i am curious if we will break out of 10k

Don't feel bad for the money that Haejin makes for each post. I honestly don't know how he can pull back $250 with 260 upvotes. Every day that passes I'm more confused on how the upvote monetization works.


Dont worry Hejin takes all the steemit dollars with his wedges and triangles. He seems to get all the rookies


Hejin votes for himself, that's why


The more steem power you have, the more your upvote is worth.


lol were u trying to get this username i hav elol


After several weeks on the platform, I still haven't figured out how Steem works. Sure seems like 1% of steem users have 99% of the power.

big ups for your TA! and plz never stop to stay true to yourself, with all the weirdness and spleens that make you unique but outstanding in this scene... personally, i´m rather an long term investor but i love to watch your videos both for the knowledege and the entertainment... :)

I signed up for Steemit just to support this channel. Such a shame it led to you taking down your tutorials, they were of great value to this newbie trader. Hope you change your stance. But if you don't, I totally understsand too.

You´re the best, Phil. Thank you for all you´ve been doing for us!

Thanks as always Phil, Dont forget you still have a lot of love and support from your loyal followers.

Great content always phil, top man. Let me know how to share your vids if its possible, still unsure on how to work this site. need to put more time into it and set my profile up :P

Hey Phil, love everything you're doing! Any more coverage on EOS/BTC coming?
I'm super excited about all the new tutorials coming btw. I've watched all your previous ones. What a gift you're giving people.. Thanks so much!

I finally got my account approved! Been waiting weeks to do this. ****clicks upvote****

Literally only signed up to show support. Really appreciate all the hard work you do. Thank you.

Thank you for the update. Upvoted and resteemed. I'm sorry to hear you feel disrespected and undervalued by your followers. This is my view of things.

First, Haejin has been on steemit since June 2017. He gets even more abuse and hate than you do. He also has the backing of a steem whale, because of all the down votes he gets. You should maybe read some of the comments he gets. But the point is it takes more than two months to build a following on steemit. Even though you have far more followers on Youtube!

Secondly, As a follower when I watch you do live trades, It is very informative, but seeing how much money you make, makes me think what would my 1cent upvote contribute to that? nothing. I wonder how many other followers think the same? I can see you are very good at what you do, But ask yourself how many followers have leverage to margin trade the amounts you trade just to make $175 in 30 minutes. very few I think , and if they have that sort of leverage and confidence to trade just maybe they don't need to follow you!
Most of us are novice to intermediate traders learning to trade. We don't have the sort of funds to play with as you do. If you can understand that then maybe look at doing your pod casts differently. Less live trades more TA. Especially as you are on record as saying novices shouldn't margin trade because they would be liquidated!

With utmost respect, when you put a video on youtube about 1 minute trading, and those that can't trade the 1 minute chart suck! is that your ego talking "look how great I am" I trade the 1 minute chart BAMM.

Less ego more humble.

I look forward to your future posts which are very informative, I will upvote on steemit. I might even pay to view the tutorials. But I think you need to change your style of presentation so that it is more relevant to your followers.

IMO you need to keep live trades and TA apart. Because watching you make money while you do TA gives me the impression that you don't need money. So I am less inclined to upvote you, and you will not make the sort of money you feel you should from followers. Though I am wondering if steemit is the best place for this, because of all the BS haters and down voters who are jealous on anyone who makes a success of their efforts on steemit.

I've followed Haejin for a few months, only just discovered your youtube videos a couple of weeks ago. I learn far more with you. I only watched the first 3 or 4 of your course, so disappointed to see them removed, but I do understand your decision. Happy to upvote on here, or contribute for the new content when released, as long as it's affordable!

Hey that's exciting to hear about the new lessons you are putting together. I was thinking that after reading comments about no more tutorials I was grateful to have taken good notes on the first set of tutorials. If they were going to be gone forever, but now we just wait for the new and improved versions. You rock my friend! Springtime should breakout soon all indicators are pointing towards new highs.

Phil, always remember people appreciate what you do. I donated some LTC to ya this morning so you can buy yourself a dinner. Although I no longer have access to your tutorial videos, they were a wonderful resource and I have benefited immensely. Take care!

Ive been trading on and off since i graduated high school but rarely
made money. shoutout to philakone because the stuff he taught u guys that u take advantatge of ive known since penny stocks..but the t hing is i only learned it frmo LOSING MONEY...been putting
learning elliot wave on teh backburner...until i seen your bitcoin cash prediction....i had been under estimating ew powers as i only seen it good for making ling term shout out to ufor putting me on game that it can be effective in shorter tfs

You the man! Haejin is ALWAYS bullish, i don't learn from him, and generally he does not help me...and he doesn't have your personality and transparency. Appreciate you so much my brother!