Bitcoin BTC May 16th Evening Update - Live Stream, $7,800 Range is seeming more Likely

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General Tone:
On the bearish side, we see a test possibly happening soon at the $8,650 to $8,750 range. If this holds, we remain bullish above the 50/200 moving average on the daily, which has potential for a golden crossover. On the bullish side, a break above $9,900 can signal a rally to $11,500, $11,750 range.
Long Term Bias (6+ months) - Bullish
Medium Term Bias (Next Week) - Neutral
Short Term Bias (Today) - Neutral
Long Term Target Prediction by 2019 - $35,000(ATH)


Thanks for posting this update. Some great information here.


At least we dont fall to 6K ... i hope :D

Thanks for all the vids mate. I have just watched on youtube so popped over here to upvote and comment. Damn I would love to have an hour alone with you.. Dont worry I am straight so its not for a hot date. Just some one on one advice on crypto. Might actually be the best hour of my life lol

Always good to verify my own TA with yours. Also enjoy the nuggets of tips/info in your YT updates. For a while there, I felt a little lost with my counts, good to have you back to provide that TA compass Phil. Enjoy the summer and swinging.

PS: Im actually look forward to your swinging tutorials as Im finding day trading very enervating, need to enjoy life in paradise more, but for now sacrificing the beach and surf to learn as much as I can.

Hi @philakonesteemit, thanks for your vids as always! I really enjoy them and have been learning a lot from you.
I just wonder... why do you use the 3hr candles and not the 4hr?
Enjoy summer!!!

By the way... this guy is stealing your content, I've already flagged him and your followers should as well!

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Wow its amazing ....

Thank you for all the advice and TA. You've been a great teacher and inspiration.

Upvoted all your videos, even if it' s a joke that you are just getting e.g. 10$ for 350 upvotes. But anyway, thanks for bringing up this great content!

thanks Philakone im learning a lot from you

When TA on Bitshares @philakonesteemit ?

Always great analysis thx !!

All praise. Thanks Phila from Mrseb7, Boomafoo