Hashflare Cloud Mining says "Goodbye" to lifetime contracts

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

Some of you may know https://hashflare.io Cloud Mining service. One of the few cloud mining sites that didn't turn to scam over time.


To be honest, I consider it a good start for people who like the idea of cloud mining. Up until yesterday, they offered Bitcoin SHA-256 and Litecoin Scrypt mining contracts for a fair price that, according to their main page, would last for a lifetime as long as mining remains profitable **.

Well, in spite of the Bitcoin price going up over the last months, it seems cloud mining is not profitable for them anymore. At least that's what one can conclude from today's update.


This is bad news for all their users. And in such a short notice (one day only). I'm sure people who have just recently invested in them would have made a different choice if they knew their lifetime contracts would turn to one year contracts overnight.

Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think in the comments down below.

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Yup that sucks they will lose a LOT of people. I will just let it ride for now.

Yeah. I also think it wasn't the right move...

Thanks was considering buying into there operation...

You're welcome, I hope it was helpful!

This news made me sad as I just wanted to invest in a mining contract. I hope that genesis-mining will not copy this move.

Yeah, I wouldn't recommend it. I think we'll know soon enough about genesis though.

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There are other cloud mining services that are not scam and still offering lifetime contracts and good rates. For instance friends of mine owning two big mining farms are successfully running this website (https://www.mycoincloud.com)

Thanks for the info!

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