Bitcoin price

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Bitcoin Price

Anyone else worried about the bitcoin price lately...?


I was keeping a bit of cash in my account in the hope bitcoin will increase in price, as it had been up to £14,000 at one point in the past.

I know I don't know a lot about cryptocurrencies and I know nothing about looking at the trends - not to mention I am stressed off my feet with other things in my life at the moment, I have way too much on to even blog every day. Hence the lack of blog posts lately! (Not to mention that I'm not getting a lot of response on my blog posts and it doesn't seem worth writing them when I'm not getting anything in return! My time is limited enough as it is and I could be using it elsewhere than writing blog posts that don't even get seen.)
(Sorry for the bit of negativity - having a bad few days, a friend has just had some bad news on his health and I'm worried about him, I'm also worried about another friend who is struggling with her illness and is feeling depressed lately and I got results on a test I did for a job application and they were terrible! Trying to stay positive!)

But I do try to keep an eye on things every now and then, and where bitcoin was up to £8,000 ish at one point, it's now gone down in price.

Feeling like I should have cashed out when it was at £8,000.... now it's down to £6,500 ish and I feel cheated!

Fingers crossed it goes up again!

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