Do not buy the Vista Mini Miner

in bitcoin •  last year

Due to the price increase already of the Vista Mini Miner and Given the recent disappointments of 3rd Party Systems, we are going to be the guinea pig with the Mini-Miner. We are recommending holding off in buying the mini-miner.

Given that the Mini-Miner is coming out in two weeks, and we are testing it for a month or so, wait till end of March to see what our results are. Don't waste your money on the high fee of $1495 if it does not do as we are told.

Other wise, I like what Vista Network is offering, but it is a third party platform that can screw us any time. Thought USI-Tech was honorable but they screwed us.

Currently I have 4 videos of Vista Network at my Dtube channel

if you want to keep updated.


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