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Over the years since 2013 (the year I first started to seriously pay attention to Bitcoin) there have been many and I mean MANY predictions of what will happen with the Crypto Currency. I’d like to start a running blog on these predictions to see what actually pans out. If you follow me and this post — you will be updated and if you find one I don’t have I will add it. Let’s see what time will tell us!

Initially Published: 10 Aug 2017

Bitcoin hits $1,600 for the first time and one investor says it could rally to $4,000 in a few months
CNBC — Arjun Kharpal
PREDICTION: Daniel (Danny) Masters — $4,400 by end of 2017

Bitcoin Will ‘Cruise Through’ $5k in the Short Term — Max Keiser
CoinTelegraph — William Suberg
PREDICTION: Max Keiser — $5,000 by “Short Term”

The case for $5,000 bitcoin
Quartz — Wong Joon Ian
PREDICTION: Ronnie Moas — $7,500 next 5 months or in 2018 | $50,000 in 10 years.*

Legendary Bitcoin Trader “masterluc” Predicts $15,000 Bitcoin This Year
CoinTelegraph — David Dinkins
PREDICTION: Masterluc — $15,000 | $40,000 — $110,000 by 2019

John McAfee Claims Bitcoin Will be Worth $500,000 in Three Years
CryptoCoin News — Rebecca Campbell
PREDICTION: John McAfee — $500,000 by 2020

Bitcoin Price Could Exceed $100,000 by 2021: Harvard Academic
CoinTelegraph — William Suberg
PREDICTION: Dennis Porto — $100,000 by 2021

Bitcoin Price Will Reach $500,000 Realistically: Snapchat’s First Investor
CoinTelegraph — Joseph Young
PREDICTION: Jeremy Liew — $500,000 by 2030

These are a few and I will be adding more but it’s incredibly interesting to see who is making predictions and how much they are predicting. If you like this — please share it with others and if you’d like you make a prediction — I will add it as well. In time we will see who was on the $$$!

*Revised 8/14/17 (CNBC)


Nice info...thanks @paul-mcneal , it encourages us to hold Bitcoin. Following you, upvoted and re steemit.

Thanks Joshvel - it is truly amazing to see. If any of these are close to being correct - WOW!

I'm very optimistic on BTC, but $500,000 by shot. You can put that in the record books.

Hey - I'd be not only shocked but amused because John McAfee said he would eat his own Dick on Public TV! Not that the FCC would allow it haha

Ha! I don't care how confident I am on anything, I would NEVER make that claim for myself. Well, I guess only time will tell.

oh yeah 2020 will be an interesting year!

Not yet mainstream, so hold on to your hats when it does.

Oh I agree - this is going to be a WILD ride! I try to tell people - what if these guys are right? Then what? I'd rather be in it to win it than standing on the side watching the race go by :)

Yep I'm in - Not in big, but growing every day
I'm documenting it on You Tube. Check out my channel..

Video link doesn't work

Sorry about that...try this one.
Much appreciated.

My prediction: $1=1 satoshi

I can't wait :)

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New Prediction added! $15,000 by the end of 2017??!

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